Who is BuyindiaProperty Retailer? How do I Avail my Gift Card?



  1. BuyindiaProperty is a marketing partner for some of the reputed Developers.
  2. Buyindiaproperty has conceptualized the Concept of Retail Marketing Points.
  3. A Retail Marketing Point would be an Existing retailer, who would market the realty product, like any other commodity.
  4. The Retailer point would have the display the Property Standees outside their premises.
  5. The task of the retailer would be to generate the inquiry for BuyindiaProperty Team.
  6.  The Retailer would be supported by the Buyindiaproperty Team post inquiry generation.
  7. The Customer who intends to purchase the property would be directly put in touch with the Builder.
  8. When a customer buys a property, he can approach the retailer & request him for his “GIFT CARD”.
  9. The Customer can collect their GIFT CARD from the Retailer in next 5-7 days post his request.
  10. Each Gift card would have a special & Distinct Offer, which can be redeemed by the customer, by calling the Buyindiaproperty Service Team.
  11. Should there be any disputes/concerns, it has to be bought to the notice of the Buyindiaproperty Team.
  12. The Offer doesn’t guarantee any 1 product & the offer/Gift can change from month to month.


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