Delhi-Ghaziabad- Meerut Rapid Metro Corridor News

Created on 25.03.2019 11:25:45
Delhi-Ghaziabad- Meerut Rapid Metro Corridor News

Proposed high speed train project between Delhi to Meerut, through where millions of people living in the city will benefit. However it will also have an extra burden on the many people.
At the moment GDA officers are trying to raise funds by implementing many types of taxes:
1. The extra registration charges may be charged on purchase of luxury cars where an additional registration fees will have to be paid.
2. On Both side of the train corridor , land use charges will be increased for land falling within 500 meters from the corridor.
3. Increasing FAR from 2.5 to 4 and thus increase the registrar fee for purchase of land.
Some of the highlights of the project are:
1. The total amount of 4304 crores will have to be shared by the UP Government.
2. Delhi – Sarai Kale Khan to Meerut corridor will be 92 kms long route.
3. In Phase 1, Sahibabad to Meerut Partapur Route will be constructed. It will be 38 kilometers long. 
4. In Phase 1, there will be a total 17 stations.
5. In Ghaziabad District there will be 7 Stations.
6. The work of the first phase will be completed January 2024. 


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